Science CLUB Activities

Science Club Activities

The right high school science activities and experiments will renew students’ interest in the critical fields of chemistry, biology, and physics, and inspire them to dive deeper into their studies. has prepared a number of high school science activities and experiments, from examining consumer product safety to lifting fingerprints from items, that not only help students take science study more seriously, but also find it more interesting.

List of Activities:
1. Family First Aid Kit
[ Enlisting the cooperation of your teenager to help prepare your household for an emergency is the perfect way to get set, fast].

2. Nutritional Analysis?
Show your teen how to analyze the nutritional value of her favorite meals. She may be surprised to find out how healthy--or not--her favorite foods are!

3. Environmental Cleanup?
Work gloves Trash bags ,Camera for taking lots of photos of volunteers getting down and dirty Safety waiver ("While this won't protect you in the event someone sues you, it will help people get in the mind-set that they may encounter safety issues and should act responsibly," Stettner says), Safety posters (photos of poison ivy & other noxious plants, warnings to leave heavy or sharp objects to be picked up later, etc.), Basic first-aid kit, Shovel and separate bucket for sharp stuff like fishing lures, broken glass, etc..